Trading and making markets in quoted securities. In this respect, we execute the “buy” or “sell” orders of our clients in the most ethically and professionally permissible manner. We advise our clients on what stocks to buy at what time and when it is most expedient to divest for maximum profitability

To optimally maximize the benefits of the capital market for the needs of the institution and individual investors through informed knowledge, information technology and competent staff within a conducive environment.

Portfolio/Asset Management

Our staff members are specially trained to monitor events in the market place in order to make accurate investments decisions that are highly profitable to our numerous clients. We assist our clients to monitor their investments especially the high net-worth individuals and those Nigerians in Diaspora who are time constrained. This is done by creating a NOMINEE ACCOUNTS for them.
In Standard Union Securities Limited, clients are given arrays of investment options from which to choose. Our investment principle allows the clients to have either the discretionary or non-discretionary power to decide what stocks to buy or sell on his/her behalf. Some of the options include but not limited to : Fixed Term Investments, Capital Market Investments, Government Debt Instruments, Real Estate Investments.

Stock Brokers to issues

We act as stockbrokers to new issues of public and private companies as well as receiving agents to all offerings in the capital markets.

Share Transmission

We advise our clients and handle on their behalf issues relating to Letters of Probate, Letters of Administration and similar court orders and documentation, leading to share transmission

Regularizing Shares

This is a product designed to assist banks and all other money lenders to tackle their collateral problems. Share certificates are commonly used as collateral for bank facilities but they must be properly perfected so that in the event of default, such shares could be readily convertible to cash. However, the problems some banks still have in this respect may arise as a result of faulty processing of the certificates at the time they are being accepted from the customers.